Children Travelling From Spain: UK Government update on 9 Jan 2020

Published: 9 January 2020

Children Travelling From Spain: UK Government update on 9 Jan 2020

The UK Government have updated their guidelines on children travelling from Spain. The changes include confirmation from the Spanish Authorities regarding regulations as well as guidance about minors subject to court orders.

Here it is in full - we have made the new additions in bold:

Children travelling from Spain

format_quoteThe Spanish Secretary of State for Security has published a regulation (Instrucción Núm. 10/2019) which states that from 1 September 2019, children (under the age of 18 years old) resident in Spain may need a certified authorisation by the person with parental responsibility if the child is travelling out of Spain without a person with parental responsibility. This is in addition to a valid travel document.

The Spanish Authorities have confirmed that the above regulation is not applicable to foreign minors resident in Spain who are subject to the law of their country of nationality or to non-resident foreign minors visiting Spain. The British Embassy has notified the Spanish immigration authorities that there is no similar standard regulation in the UK therefore British consulates do not provide travel authorisation documents. It is not customary for British minors to require written permission to travel unless the minor is subject to a court order, which specifically mentions that written permission is required from those holding parental responsibility for the minor. If the minor is subject to such a court order, or if you wish to ensure that an unaccompanied minor will be able to leave Spain without delay when passing through Spanish immigration, you will have to obtain the certified authorisation from a public notary in Spain.

Those with parental responsibility of Spanish children in Spain can obtain a certified authorisation at a Notary, national police station (in Spanish), or at the Guardia Civil (in Spanish).format_quote